How To Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days | Lose 10 Lbs fast

STEP 1: Replacing the bad carbs with the good carbs 

Carbs come in the form of starches, breads, potatoes, pastas, etc… 

 A simple way to consume carbs if need be, is to look at the sodium (salt) levels in them. Obviously the lower the salt levels the better the carb is. Our body does not need large amounts of carbohydrates.

Actually, the less carbs we have in our body the more stored fat we are able to use as energy. Our bodies produce ketones with little to no carbs in our system.  

These ketones put your body into ketosis, which makes our body use fat for energy. So, think twice about what your breakfast meal should be if you want your body burning the maximum amount of fat. 


This is the most confused topic to this day. I’m not going to get technical with the scientific terms of sugar, because lets be real, you are not going to even be able to pronounce it let alone remember it. 

All you need to know is sugar is sugar; it has very little benefit to your health because it lacks vitamins and minerals. One teaspoon of sugar contains about 16 calories.

These sugars cannot be metabolized in your body. When these sugars are not broken down in your body, which is almost always, it stores in your fat cells. This causes your obvious weight gain.  

All your soda, candy bars, cereals, cakes, etc…. it’s time to cut them out for good. At least till you lose those 10 pounds or more. 

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