Weight Loss Tips You Should Know


Follow these simple ideas to boost your weight loss while staying committed to your goals.

1. Don’t eat carbohydrates after five pm each day

They are harder to digest and can make you sluggish. Try to eat protein and vegetables instead after this time, to let your system have time to digest everything before you go to sleep at the end of the day.

2. Drink plenty of water

At least eight glasses each day, to keep your system refreshed and working at optimum. You’ll feel more energized, and will want less food to fill up on if you are properly hydrated at all times.


3. If you feel hungry, try drinking water instead.

The physical feelings of hunger and thirst can be very similar, so try a drink before you reach for the snacks. You’ll soon be able to differentiate between hunger pangs and thirst, leading to weight loss as your body works out the difference.

4. Cut down your portions so you aren’t tempted to eat more than you actually need

Your body will tell you when you are full – listen to it! As soon as you are satisfied, push your plate away and don’t eat any more. You don’t have to finish everything on your plate.

5. Chew your food more slowly

Chew your meals more slowly so that your stomach can register what you have eaten and has time to digest it properly, to stop you overeating. Enjoy your food and give it the time it deserves at each meal.

6. When you exercise, drink a coffee to give yourself an energy boost.

Caffeine supports your body to burn fat more quickly when used in moderation with exercise.

7. Take Essential oils

Oils like Omega 3, 6 and 9 to give your body the nutrition it needs from healthy fats, rather than absorbing unhealthy types.

8. Use chewing gum to satisfy your cravings to eat

Sometimes it works well to trick your body in to thinking it is getting more food, but without the calories. Sugar-free gum has the added advantage of combatting tooth decay.

9. Work out what your weight loss goal is and keep it in a visible place to boost your motivation. If you have seven kilos to lose, write this figure down and remind yourself of how far you have come each week.


10.  Avoid the temptation to weigh yourself every day.

This only serves to undermine your achievements and make you feel despondent if your weight fluctuates. Stick to once a week to really see visible results towards your goal.

11.  Support is always welcomed

Encourage friends and family to support you in your weight loss goal to keep you on target and provide much-needed encouragement as you move towards your target weight.

12.  Avoid the temptation to snack on sugar-rich foods.

Sugar brings no positive benefits, and in fact can make your energy levels dip after the initial rush, making you want to reach for more food.

13.  Choose complex carbohydrates

Such as brown rice, brown pasta and brown bread rather than white. These foods take longer for your body to break down and make you feel fuller, for longer.

14.  A little of what you fancy does you good.

Rather than turning down all foods which you know are on your list of high-calorie negatives, allow yourself a little of whatever you feel like, but know when to stop so you don’t ruin your good progress.

15.  Remind yourself of how far you have come each week

Stick a photo of how you were when you started to lose weight, and how you are now somewhere prominent so you can keep track of your fantastic progress.

16.  Keep a food diary

Keep a food diary for a few weeks so you can see exactly what you eat each day – it’s amazing how many calories we can consume without even thinking about it, and food diaries are a great way of keeping track and knowing what can be changed to lose weight more quickly.

17.  Choose exercise that you will actually enjoy

Rather than opting for punishing gym routines. If you like walking, this will bring you just as much benefit as a session in the gym, but you’ll gain pleasure from a great walk at the same time.

18.  Get a friend involved for exercising

To make it easier to stick to your plans. Sharing an aerobics class or going swimming together will keep you on track without feeling like exercise is a chore.

19.  Shop Carefully

When you shop, resist the temptation to fill your basket with high-calorie, high-fat foods. Instead, choose healthy options so that your cupboards are not full of tempting treats when you get back home.

20.  Don’t be tempted to focus on the negative side of losing weight

Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing, and be proud of your achievements.


21.  Never shop on an empty stomach

You’ll get home from the store and realize that you’ve only bought ‘quick fix’ foods to snack on, because you were hungry when you chose them!

22.  Try writing a menu plan for the week ahead

Choosing healthy options, so you can make great choices throughout the next few days, knowing that everything you need is in the fridge ready to prepare.

23.  Make mealtimes a real occasion

Sitting around the table with your family instead of grabbing meals on the go. This helps your body feel full, and makes eating a pleasurable, sociable experience rather than something you fit in alongside other activities.

24.  Never skip breakfast.

It’s a great way of boosting your metabolism for the day, and keeps your blood sugar levels steady throughout the day.

25.  Learn to enjoy your relationship with food again.

It’s not your enemy; it’s a friend that keeps you going every day. Enjoy what you eat, take time over it, and stop fighting against this fabulous aspect of your daily life.

26.  Rich Food

Make sure every meal you eat has more protein, vegetables and fiber than fat or carbohydrates, because these foods make you feel fuller for longer, and take longer for your body to break down.

27.  Avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible

It’s full of empty calories that bring no added value to your overall consumption each day. A glass of wine now and then is fine, but take a look at the high amount of sugar in most of your drinks and you’ll be reluctant to waste your daily allowance on something so pointless!

28.  Eat straight after exercise

As your body runs at optimum and actually burns calories more quickly at this time than any other.

29.  Try not to eat late in the evenings

If you can have your last meal at six pm, this gives you chance to digest everything properly so you are not sleeping on a full stomach.

30.  Love yourself.

You have everything in you right at this minute that you need to be a healthy, slim and active person. Have faith in yourself and who you are, and remember that you are unique, beautiful and infinitely capable to achieve your dreams.

Losing weight quickly, and keeping it off, doesn’t have to be difficult. Always keep in mind what you want to achieve, and stick to your target.