9 Things to Avoid in Your Daily Life To Stay Young

There is no way around it. You are getting older. You definitely want to look younger because our culture tells you a million times a day, in a million subtle (and not so subtle) ways that you have to.

We have all bought into it.

This mad obsession with youth has spawned a billion dollar industry. And kept women of wisdom from stepping up. After all, it’s hard to succeed at world domination if you are busy worrying about your wrinkles and your waistline.

We live in a culture that worships youth and despises age. Unlike many native cultures which respect and deeply value their elders, we do neither. But like it or not, every one of us is aging. Constantly and continuously. Until we die.

This brief guide is not another tool to play into this cultural delusion. It is about claiming your power. Here you will find 9 things you should consider to avoid, in order to stay young and energetic as long as possible.

The idea is to make it work for you!

Here are 9 Things to Avoid in Your Daily Life In Order To Stay Young:

1. Aspartame

If it says ‘sugar-free’ then avoid it like the plague. Sugar-free usually means it is made with the neuro-toxin, aspartame. Known as ’Nutra-sweet’, ‘Sweet ‘n Low’, ‘Equal’ and so on.

It is added to pretty much all diet drinks and foods. Banned in many countries around the world, we still think it is okay to consume. MS, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, chronic fatigue, Parkinson’s, and panic disorders are just some diseases which are made worse by this neuro-toxin.

It is found everywhere these days. Breath mints, chewing gum, yogurt, vitamins, medicines, baby formula, shake mixes. It depletes serotonin (you know the feel-good hormone) and doesn’t even help you to lose weight.

You have been warned!

2. Soy

The anti-nutrient passed off as a health product. Do the tiniest bit of research and you will see that this phytoestrogen should not be consumed in any quantity, and traditionally never was. Custom arilyin Asian cuisine, it was fermented and used as a condiment only. The health food industry juggernaut has taken it on in typical overzealous fashion.

Hundreds of thousands of hectares are given over to its production. It is forced, often unknowingly, down our throats. It is in pretty much all processed foods.

Take a look at the tiny six-point type that is the ingredient list and in most processed foods you will find it there. Known by many names including; soy, soya, soya bean, lecithin, TVP, hydrolyzed plant protein, guar, xanthan, HSP, natural flavoring to name just a few. It is everywhere and it is wreaking havoc on our health. Our hormone system. Our

nutritional assimilation. Our allergic reactions. Many auto-immune and mystery illness can lay their origins at the feet of this one.

Start reading the ingredients list, if you can see it, and avoid where possible. Or better still follow my next tip…

3. Processed anything

Here’s a little game I like to play. It’s called: imagine how they made this? I have a slightly jaded view of the food processing industry. I know the picture on the label, you know, of a country kitchen complete with red checked table cloth and green hills out the window, is not where this came from. I know that jam/chutney/bread/sauce/dressing has never seen a kitchen like that. But what is the reality? What does yogurt making factory look like? Smell like? Just how many listed and unlisted chemicals are they adding?

The food manufacturing industry is a behemoth. Faceless, nameless bottom-line creature. That moldy produce you would throw out make it in to production. After all, it’s only a few in a vat the size of your house being boiled up to temperatures that destroy all traces of mound. And vitamins. And pretty much everything of value.

The cancer causing (or the ‘jury’s still out’ or ‘it hasn’t even been tested’) chemical that is being added to give shine, silky texture, consistency or taste (because the taste has been ‘pasteurized’ out in those giant boiling vats) is only one in one hundred thousand parts, so really, it is no worse than breathing fumes or smoking a cigarette. So what the big deal?

Become informed so you can make a choice. An informed, intelligent choice. Don’t plead ignorance when you have chronic insidious health issues like headaches, fatigue or menstrual pain. When your children develop behavioral issues. Or asthma. Or worse. Get smart. Get informed. Then take action. Or not. That is up to you.

4. Sugar

Do I have to? There is enough written these days on the subject that I am sure you know the dangers of this particular addiction.

5. Gluten

Most of us do better without it. Or with very little. It seems to induce a brain fog as well as the digestive imbalance. The problem is, like sugar and caffeine, it is ubiquitous. There is probably not a day that you go without it. So you have no base line. No way of knowing what it feels like without ‘gluten-brain’.

The only way is to eliminate it totally for a minimum of three weeks. And I meant totally. Not even a whiff. It is hard but not impossible! See how you feel after three weeks.

Then re-introduce it back into your diet in tiny quantities. And note any reactions. Physical as well as emotional. Tired? Bloated? Wind? Just get to know your body and what works, or does not, for you.

6. Fluoride

There are some things we have a choice in and others that are chosen for us. For many countries exposure to fluoride falls into the latter category.

There are so many studies done now on the destructive nature of fluoride that it is ludicrous, bordering on criminal, that it is force fed to the masses via the public water system.

Reverse osmosis filtration is the only way to effectively remove it. Avoid if possible but if not, the best antidote to fluoride is iodine, as already discussed.

7. Antibacterial anything

It seems to be the thing, to slap an anti-bacterial label on all sorts of products. This plays into our fear of the ‘unknown’. You know those invisible nasties; germs that make us sick and give our children diseases. But, what if the real nasties were the anti-bacterial itself?

We have lived with ‘germs’ forever. Our immune systems have developed alongside them. Their absence actually weakens our immune system. But worse. Antibacterial substances directly and negativity affect the thyroid.

Now they don’t put that in the ads with the smiling, germ-free family, do they? The same receptor sites on your thyroid that absorb iodine and make it work properly, are taken up by these products. So even if you do get some iodine in your diet, if you have bought into the antibacterial brigade and have been continuously exposed to the all manner of soaps and washes and hand wipes and bench wipes and sprays and creams, your thyroid will not actually be able to absorb it.

What are the early symptoms of an under-active thyroid? Fatigue, Weight gain, Hair loss, Constipation, Memory weakness, Depression, and Joint pain.

So no, it may not be old age at all. It may be those nasty hand wipes you’ve been using.

8. Chemical anything

Shampoo, Soap, Washing powder, Dishwashing liquid, Sunscreen, Moisturizer, Insect repellent. Deodorant, Tooth paste, Water bottles, Plastic wrap, the list is endless.

We are swimming in a chemical cocktail. The cure for cancer is not in a laboratory filled with rats, funded by charity and government grants. C’mon do you trust Mr. Bayer, Roche, Pfizer, or Johnston with your future? Do they really care about your health as deeply as you do? Might they have an agenda when they offer to jab, pop, smear or inhale the latest and greatest wonder-drug? Just get informed.

Do your research. And be proactive. There are alternatives to everything. Alternatives that some major company is not making a profit from.

9. Mind state

By far, the most destructive thing you can do for your health is hold a disturbed mind state. If any of the above makes you mad, makes you sad or disturbs you, you are just adding to the trouble. Your thoughts are real forces. A thought creates an emotional reaction. An emotional reaction causes hormonal changes. Think of how you feel when you are furious, in love or excited.

These all have corresponding hormones and chemicals that are released into the blood stream and that your cells are bathed in. What do you think a constant bath of ‘anger’ will do to the health of your internal organs? Sadness? Or indignation? It will cause more damage than any amount of fluoride or chemicals will. And the good news is, if you are exposed to the one, at least you have a choice about the other. That does not mean you become passive or inactive. But you can take positive action without disrupting your mind. You can make changes without losing your cool.

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